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Welcome to 1 World Chorus! We’re a 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to promote peace by connecting and empowering youth around the world.

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Purchasing our available musical selections is how you show support for 1 World Chorus!

1 World Chorus

Our Youth Classes

Offering a range of musical experiences, from choral singing to drumming, for children 4 and up! And, our high school multimedia & music production program, The Big Up Show!

The Big Up Show

The Big Up Show is a program designed for high school students who are interested in multimedia production geared towards young children. During Big Up Show residencies, 15-20 youth collaborate to produce a 30-minute episode of a children’s show with an emphasis on peace building.

1 World Chorus

1 World Chorus is our signature program. More than 3,000 youth in the USA, Kenya, and Jamaica have participated in our group singing projects. Our residencies run in 4-10 week blocks, depending on school schedule and budget.

1 World Drumming

1 World Drumming is one of our most popular programs. 1 World Drumming program is for persons ages 8 and up who love to drum. We share rhythms and drumming techniques from Africa, South America & the Caribbean. During this fun and interactive program we explore world culture through music.

1 World Chorus

Music Downloads

Our signature program, 1 World Chorus, brings children from the US, Jamaica, and Kenya together to participate in group singing projects.

The music available for purchase through our website, iTunes, and the Play Store help fund our programs. So, every purchase of a 1 World Chorus or Aaron Nigel Smith album helps us reach more children!

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1 World Chorus, a 501(c)(3) organization, is committed to working with youth to foster peace and unity through the transformative power of music.


What people are saying

People Magazine

Among the coolest kids recordings.

USA Today

One of the best children’s albums of the year.


Aaron Nigel Smith & 1 World Chorus are Portland treasures.

Portland Tribune

It’s here in Oregon that One World Children’s Chorus has been able to reach its full potential.


The music is fun and catchy, making it quite easy to listen and sing along to.

Our Team

Meet Our Directors

1 World Chorus was founded by of our Director, Aaron Nigel Smith. His tireless efforts are the driving force behind our programs and initiatives.

Karen Kalafatas

Interim Executive Director

Aaron Nigel Smith

Artistic Director

Diedre Smith

Operations Director

Billy Miller

Media Education Director

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