Our high school multimedia program, “The Big Up Show”, has been in the news many times for the work our students do to put together a TV show for children. The program delivers an important message to young people – that kindness and love is the best way to foster peace and harmony. This message could not be more vital today with the rise of social media. Check out an excerpt from the story:

“To produce “The Big Up Show,” Smith decided to partner with Portland Community Media, KBOO Community Radio and LiveLabs. Smith says the show is not only like “Sesame Street” but also has elements of “Prairie Home Companion,” and the creation has been a year in the making.”

Read the full story about how 1 World Chorus is making an impact in young people’s lives through our groundbreaking high school multimedia program, “The Big Up Show”. The story showcases the need for programs like ours in more schools nationwide. You can help us reach more students by making a donation or purchasing 1 World Chorus music today! Teen Honored in the Big Up Show | June 14, 2016 | Portland Tribune