As an organization devoted to promoting world peace through musical experiences for children, we know the importance of exposure to the right audience in our efforts to push our mission forward. So, being written about in People Magazine was a huge win for us, for Aaron Nigel Smith – our founder, and the children we strive to help with our programs and initiatives across the globe. It’s that level of exposure that can help us continue to expand our reach!

Check out the image which comes from the print issue of People Magazine dated August 6th, 2012. This article, titled Cool Kids’ Albums Now!, chose “Welcome to the Village” by Aaron Nigel Smith and 1 World Chorus as their #2 album of the year for children! That’s an amazing badge of approval of our work and one you’ll hopefully take as incentive to purchase the album today!

Children are the most valuable resource the planet has and delivering musical experiences to them is an effective way of broadening their horizons, opening their minds, and enlightening their spirit. Donate to our mission of peace today or purchase one of our musical albums from our online store, iTunes, and Google Play! Cool Kids’ Albums Now! | August 6, 2012 | People

August 6, 2012