1 World Chorus is on a mission to empower youth through musical experiences aimed at expanding their horizons and opening their minds. Our founder believes that music has the power to promote positive outcomes in the lives of children – no matter where they live. Our goal is to bring music into their lives to show them a new way of looking at and appreciating the world in which they live. Check out an excerpt from an interview with Aaron Nigel Smith:

“It’s like magic for me. It’s like healing for me. It’s like everything that I’m kind of striving for, you know,” Smith says. “I do this because I was really impacted at an early age by music. It really changed my life and set me on a trajectory and a future and a light and a path to follow.”

That’s the kind of spark we want to light in the minds of young people around the world – a spark that will light their way through life and help them to see that creativity, expression, and community can all be found in music. Read the full story by clicking this link. You can support our mission by making a donation to our cause or purchasing an album available for sale here, on iTunes, and Google Play. 1 World Chorus Sings for Unity & Peace | June 5, 2018 | KATU News