1 World Chorus was honored to play a part in the launch of Ben & Jerry’s new flavor, One Love, celebrating the legendary reggae icon Bob Marley. We were invited to perform at the launch party with Ziggy Marley and were proud to sing songs of peace and joy in remembrance of a legendary figure. The evening was one to remember for all of us who had the privilege to be involved. Check out an excerpt from the press release:

The ice cream was delicious, but the music was the best part of the night. Aaron Nigel Smith led the evening with the One World Chorus performing his song “One.” After the Liberian folk song “Funga Alafia,” Aaron welcomed three of Ziggy’s children to the stage for a rendition of “Three Little Birds.” The night peaked as Ziggy Marley joined in for an amazing version of “One Love.”

You can read the entire press release from Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream by following this link. You can also get an insider’s view of the event by watching a video of the evening’s performance here. It was a truly uplifting experience and we hope you’ll take a moment to check it out. You can help support the 1 World Chorus mission by making a donation or purchasing an album of our music! 1 World Chorus Sings at Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Launch | May 23. 2017 | Ben & Jerry’s